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I started an Arabic YouTube Channel!

The Arabic YouTube Channel is finally here!

After years of thinking about it, I have finally stopped procrastinating and started my Arabic YouTube Channel!


The channel will cover many subjects including the basics of photography, videography and drone. Topics will vary from basics for people just starting to more advanced subjects for the semi-pro.

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Mavic 2 Pro

DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone & Dlog-M LUTs

The highly anticipated DJI Mavic 2 has been finally announced!

The Mavic 2 Drone is finally here! I have always been a DJI fan, as overall their drones are just perfect. Not in every possible way but overall no one comes close as far as I am concerned. Being the owner for a Phantom 3 Pro when it first came out, a Mavic and an Inspire 2 I am very excited about this announcement!

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Consolidating my Websites

This has been a long time coming!


Over the years I have created multiple brands and websites, all branching from my original and first website jamaln.com. JN Studios came to

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Goa High

While in Goa, India at the end of 2017 I managed to get some drone footage in multiple locations including Vagator, Marjum and Anjuna. Goa has always been in the top three favorite places for me

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Amsterdam Bicycle Ride

The last photo I took before leaving Amsterdam, was going for a side pan and spent a good 5 minutes trying it out till I managed to get a couple of usable images of which this one made the cut.

Amsterdam Light

One of Amsterdam’s beautiful canals, when with an HDR here even though I rarely do that anymore but it helped in preserving the shadows while keeping the highlights at bay.

Amsterdam Heineken Factory

Been to Amsterdam many times but somehow managed to never go the Heineken Factory, this time around fixed that. Shot this handheld by leaning against the wall and holding my breath while taking the photo. The Human Tripod!

Amsterdam Beer Silo

One of the Silos at the Heineken Beer Factory, it was super dark so had to crank up the ISO to 1,600. When with black and white because in general I LOVE black and white photos and was easier to manage and fix the noise from the high ISO.

Amsterdam Metro Entrance

I loved this photo because I felt it represents Amsterdam’s street vibe with its architecture, streets, trams and metro stations. The fact that the escalators created nice leading lines helped as well.

Amsterdam Architecture

A typical Amsterdam canal view from one of the bridges, the clam waters were a bonus as I managed to get some cool reflections. A bit of HDR helped in increasing the dynamic range of the photo too.