Framing Basics


amman rooftops

Framing is the most important aspect of photography, it is more of less what defines your style and what makes an image stand out. Location, lighting, using the right settings and post processing all play a role but you can’t make a poorly framed shot look better no matter what you do. There are some basic framing rules that can help you out as you start, but never forget, rules were made to be broken! So don’t limit yourself to those rules all the times as its when you break the rules that you create a special or unique shot. 

Now that last statement comes with a caution warning! As not everyone might appreciate or agree with what your artistic style but then again thats what art is. My general advice is, make sure you know and understand the rules before you start breaking them. The only way to really understand them is to keep shooting with them in mind till they become second nature.

Thats something you might not be able to go back from, as I always look at any interesting place in terms of shots and frames now. While my friends see the whole beauty of the seen and sock it all in, in my head I am seeing compositions, lines, and photo possibilities.

In this section, I will go over some of the basic rules that you need to keep in mind as you start changing how you see an exposure. There are many books and opinions on this matter so make sure to explore different points of view till you get to the one that you like. Again, as in the previous section DSLR CAMERA BASICS, I would advise you to go through the sections in the order they were created.