DSLR Camera Basics


Canon 5D Mark II


Ok, so lets say you want to become a professional rally driver! Well for that to be remotely possible, you need to know how to drive. I believe its the same with your photography. That being said, don’t get to consumed with the technicalities as photography has more to do with framing and practice. But, when you know how your camera works, you will be able to make it do more of what you really want it to do.

In this first section of the tutorial section, I will go over the basics of DSLR cameras in the simplest way I can think of. I hope this helps you out and gets you started on becoming more comfortable with your camera. The good news, is that I promise you all of that information will become second nature to you after a while, so don’t worry to much if your overwhelmed at the beginning.

Ok, so lets get started! You can start wherever you like, but I would advice you take the lessons in the order that they were created if your new to DSLR Cameras.


Before We Begin – Photography 101
Camera Basics
DSLR Main Controls (Aperture, Shutter Speed & ISO)
Shutter Speed
Light Metering & White Balance